Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Analysis of the concept of SHakk; in the Holy Quran with an emphasis on understanding the context and lexical analysis            0000-00-00
2    Analysis of the mention of imam Alis name in verse 50 of surah Maryam            0000-00-00
3    Infering the validity of the traditions of the chapter al – Hudjdjah of the book al – Kafi    Ph.D    sameni, ali    2010-06-08
4    structural Analysis of the sura of Al-Ensan and its effect on the interpretation of the order of verses and analysis of the traditions related to the occasion of the descent of this sura.    M.Sc.    nassaj, maryam    2010-07-19
5    basis of Islamic education in Al-mizan and it\'s relationship whith goals, principles and manners of education    Ph.D    hoseini, hakime    2011-06-07
6    A comparative study of text understanding variety, plurality and evolution reasons in hermeneutics and interpretation    M.Sc.    ajilian mafogh, mohmmad mehdi    2011-09-19
7    the greatest spiritual dignities of human and their position in the holy Quran    M.Sc.    zare, zakie    2011-10-08
8    Structural coherence of Saffat surah frcm the aspect of pivotal subject and its significant concepts    M.Sc.    asiun, behgat    2011-11-25
9    the study of basises- methods- and advantages of descent space discovery and its application in two sura(alhaj and aladiat).    M.Sc.    salmanzade, javad    2012-03-03
10    A Study of status and role of decision making in managers performance in viewpoint of the Quran and Nahjolbalaghe    M.Sc.    mohadecifar, mehrnaz    2012-03-10
11    Evaluation of the Standards of Optimal Dialogue and the Strategies that help to achieve it from the perspective of the Quran    M.Sc.    najjarnia, reihaneh    2012-12-15
12    لاتین: the Investigation of principles and methods of Jary rule(to refer and maching) application in holy Quran interpretation    Ph.D    rostamian, marzieh    2013-03-04
13    Rejali personality reconstruction of ibn Shihab Zuhri in order to exploring his narratives at narrative resources of Shia.    Ph.D    vahidnia, farahnaz    2013-05-18
14    study the plot system of the moses story in quran    M.Sc.    ghosi, rokhsareh    2013-07-01
15    A critical study on the interpretation of Al-Velayah and Al-Emamah verses in Al-Tafsir Al-hadith    M.Sc.    AkbarZade Yazdi, fahime    2013-10-19
16    The consequences of using and prevention ways of unlawful property and doubtful in view of verses and traditions    Ph.D    BAGHERI, MIKAEEL    2014-03-15
17    A study of the Mofassalat suras and the features of the preference of the Prophet by them (According to the Prophetic tradition reagoarding the four - division of the quran)    M.Sc.    ahmadi, batool    2014-04-12
18    the history of evalluation of interpretators view to the aim and structure sura in verses interpretation    M.Sc.    shakour, javad    2014-04-12
19    study Popular and deny semantics meaning and Semantic fields in the Qur'an    M.Sc.    EBRAHIM, MU    2014-05-24
20    study of relationship between choosenness and secularism in behaviors and deviations of Jews in the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    hossini rahmat abad, fateme    2014-05-31
21    Drawing the descent space of surahs Maaedah and Nahl    M.Sc.    khaleghi, fatemeh    2014-05-31
22    Comparative study of Interpretative viewpoint of Salafism in the verses related to monotheism in Interpretations of Ibn Taymiyyah Ibn kathir and Al- aloosy    Ph.D    imandar, hamid    2014-06-08
23    review of Aloosi,s predecessor thoughts and impact of them on interpretion of verbal verses in explicading Rooh Almaani    Ph.D    ghasemi, masood    2014-06-08
24    The conditions of the acceptance of the acts in the quran and hadithes    M.Sc.    hashempoor, seyedeh fatemeh    2014-10-11
25    A Study of content, method and efficiency of theological subject system of belessed Israa sura    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Ghanatghestani, Azam    2014-12-27
26    Analysis of empowering and enfeebling of will power factors from the view point of the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    dehesht, zakiyeh    2015-02-23
27    tThe proporation of the Madany verses related to Abraham    M.Sc.    bayat, farzaneh    2015-04-26
28    A cognitive-based method of recitation of Quran in comparison with the traditional method    M.Sc.    Tabatabaei Sharabad, Zahra    2015-05-25
29    A Study of principles and regulations of Quran independent Interpretation    Ph.D    Ajilian Mafogh, Mohammad mahdi    2015-06-09
30    The role of Human factors and God's Destiny on Human provision and Study of their Relation in Traditions    M.Sc.    taghavi rafsanjani, mehri    2015-06-27
31    Conceptulization and reviw of special attributes for divine prophets in the quran    M.Sc.    hasanzadeh, fatemeh    2015-06-27
32    Review and explanation of the components of the educational model centered thinking, based on the teachings of the Holy Quran    Ph.D    haddadian, abdolreza    2015-12-14
33    A Study of the collection of mohammad mall allah publications in rejecting shia-al-imamiyah emphesising on quranic and Hadith documents    M.Sc.    shami dehsorkhi, batool    2016-02-08
34    Impudence trend towards Allah, prophets and Divine Books in Maccan and Medanite chapters (Suras) separately.    M.Sc.    sharifi, hojjat    2016-02-09
35    Studying Quranic and narrative documentations of Imam Khomeini's approach on confronting the enemy and explaining the doubts    Ph.D    Ebrahimnia, Mohammad    2016-04-18
36    Investigating the concept of    M.Sc.    Yousefi, Nasim    2016-06-06
37    Allameh Tabatabai vague ideas and hesitant sayings about determination Maki and Madani chapters and explain heis criteria    M.Sc.    Dehghani, Mohammadhadi    2016-10-31
38    A Qualitative Text Analysis of Jihad Verses in the Holy Qur'an؛ Through Sequential Encoding Technique    Ph.D    aref, javad    2016-12-12
39    Invesigation of the factors of interpretative disagreement and carrying it in the Holy quran verses    M.Sc.    Ghayoor, Mohammad Ali    2017-01-02
40    The structural study of sura “alnnoor”    M.Sc.    Nadimi, Fatmeh    2017-03-04
41    A study on importance of physical requirements of human and role of supplying them in religious education in viewpoint of the Quran    M.Sc.    nasirian shakib, zahra    2017-05-08
42    Argumental discovering of structure and purpose of ahzab holy sura    Ph.D    hokmabadi, Hojat allah    2017-07-02
43    Synonymy in the Holy Quran (case study the words: Suspicion and Doubt and Surmise)    M.Sc.    Hameed, Mustafa Mohammed    2017-07-02
44    Quranic Verses on Imam Ali bn Abi Talib in chapter Tawbah in the Views of Astarabadi (A comparative study)    M.Sc.    Al - Tameemi, Huda Abdulnabi Mohammed    2017-07-02
45    The interpretation of quran by quran in terms of Abdoláala al-Sabzevari in Mavaheb al-Rahman    M.Sc.    Alateya, Abdulsattar Jabbar    2017-07-02
46    The interpretative criticism of Javadi Amoli and it's examples in Tasnim    M.Sc.    Alhusaini, Mohammed Ali Abbood    2017-07-02
47    Causation of Islamic Prescriptions in Ahlalbayt's School    M.Sc.    Aljarbooee, Sura Qasim Keloon    2017-07-02
48    The study on the descent of Surah Almaarij about the event of Ghadir Khumm and announcing the leadership of Imam Ali(p.b.u.h)    M.Sc.    Heidary, Maryam    2017-10-16
49    Recognition of elements and method of interpretation in altafsir Alvasit Mohammad Sayyed Tantavi    Ph.D    mogaddam, mohammad    2017-10-23
50    The educational aspects of Muhammad Hussein Fazl Allah's interpretation of Min Vah'y Al'qur'an    M.Sc.    Twayej, Zahra    2018-01-08
51    Investigating the interactions between the verses of the story of Jesus (PBUH) with the descending space and the purpose of Sura' Al' Maryam and Sura' A'ale-emran    M.Sc.    kavusi, atieh    2018-01-08
52    Study and analysis of syntagmatic relation of specific adjectives and nouns in Quran    M.Sc.    sadrzadeh, hanieh    2018-04-23
53    Investigating the approaches of interpreters and translators to infinitives that are annexed to subject and object in the Holy Quran (based on famous interpretations and selected translations)    Ph.D    Mazraee Farahani, Mohammad Reza    2018-04-30
54    Comparison the viewpoint of Amina Wadud about the verses related to women with the main Shiite and Sunni interpretations    M.Sc.    mehrabani avval, najmeh    2018-05-21
55    Investigating the concept of Tavaffi in holy Quran with emphasis on Fifty-fifth verse of Surah Al-Imran    M.Sc.    afzali kalateh, touba    2018-06-11